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Avatar The Las Airbender Icons, Brushes, Caps, Manips, Wallpapers & More

I Bend

Welcome to I Bend. This is an Avatar the Last Airbender graphic journal. Here you can find Avatar icons, wallpapers, layouts, manips and much more. I hope you all can enjoy the stuff I make. I love your comments and appreciate what you have to say. Thank you for visiting this place and feel free to join at anytime.

Do not hotlink.

Do not steal or post on other sites without my permission.

Give credit & link to source if you use any of my stuff.

If there’s a problem with downloads: broken links, file formats etc. feel free to contact me.

I do not take request but if you want an icon base that I’ve used or a screen cap that I've taken, feel free to ask.

My “tools” for the job can be found here. This awesome people & their sites have provided screencaps/gradients/brushes/templates/etc/ to my graphics.

I currently make most of my screencaps but I’d like to thank this Sites for providing making them available when I’m lazy & at my beginnings:


Distant Horizon

Avatar Spirit.Net




On Livejournal:







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Credit to : i_bend

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In case you wondered:
I have 2 journals and one community. First I had agnikai as my icon and graphics journal, but found that it was easier to manage as community. So I decided to move it here and thus i_bend was born.
keilamerari is the journal is the journal I started using to post here but I did for class on College and never really used it. The account has my name, Keila Merari which I don’t like much ^_^. So … I decided to make a new LJ darthmaiden which has the same name as all of my accounts at Mysapace, DA, Gmail, etc. and as soon as its finished Ill start using to post here and everywhere else. Sorry for the mess :D.