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Friends Only & Info

Due to some circumstances I moved agnikai to i_bend. I'm currently revising the layouts and will upload various files so you can download brushes, caps and others that you have requested. I'm sorry for taking so long, and for not replying all the mail. I had some personal issues to deal with but never the less I hope by the end of the month this journal is on its feet.

As you can see this journal is friends only, Ive found my work in so many places on the Internet and other people taking credit and benefit for what Ive done that its upsetting and its best this way. Those of you who wish to keep updated feel free to join. Anyways I love Avatar and will keep on doing stuff inspired by my love for the show. Those of you who have read. Thanks for bearing with me. ~MUCH LOVE ♥♥♥


"The rules are the same as usual."

  • Credit to : i_bend or agnikai

  • Do not hotlink.

  • If there’s a problem with downloads: broken links, file formats etc. feel free to contact me.

  • I do not take request but if you want an icon base that I’ve used or a screen cap that I've taken, feel free to ask.

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